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What is the Nursing Practice Question (NPQ®) Section on my Dashboard?

I see a question on my Dashboard when I first login - is that where I take practice questions from?

It's definitely one place where you can take practice questions! 🙌



The question you'll find on your Dashboard will provide you with a surprise question from our bank of 6,500+ practice questions. Once you answer the question and click "Submit", you'll get detailed rationales and even Related Lesson recommendations for remediation!

  • If you want to keep taking surprise questions, just click "Next Question" - it's the best way to keep you on your toes and test your knowledge! 🐾

Instead of getting random questions, can I get questions for a related topic?

Absolutely! If you want to take more questions on a specific topic that you just got quizzed over on your Dashboard NPQ, you can choose to take more practice questions!
  • Just click "Take Related Quiz" and you'll be able to take more practice questions for that specific topic!
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