Unable to Log Into My Account

I'm having trouble logging into my NURSING.com account

There could be a couple different reasons behind issues with logging in, but no worries! We got you covered! 🥰

  1. Issue with your password - click here with help on how to reset your password!
  2. Issue with your username - See next section

What is my username? I can't login to my account.

"I forgot my Username..."

No problem! The system is setup so that you can use EITHER your Username or your Email to login to your account.

"I tried using my email and that didn't work..."

Which email did you use to create your account?

You can quickly search for payment receipts by searching for this subject line in your inbox - NURSING.com Payment Receipt

"I can't find ANY payment receipts..."

Hmm... it's possible that there may have been a typo in your email when you signed up.

Please reach out to us at contact@nursing.com and we will help you find your account.

It says my email is not recognized.

You might be getting this message if there was a small typo inputted into the email address at sign up.
It's also common for users to forget which email they used at sign up, and logging in with the wrong email linked to the account will definitely cause access issues.

Either way, you're not without help! ❤

Just shoot us an email at contact@nursing.com with the FULL NAME tied to the payment method you used at sign up. Most of the time, that's all we need to find your account and get you logged back in.