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The Cornell Note Taking Method

What is the Cornell Note Taking Method?

It’s no secret that there’s a TON of information to learn in nursing school, so we’ve integrated the Cornell Note Taking Method into NURSING.com.

This simple system for note taking can save you up to 4.9 hours of study time per week and you can use this method over and over again.


Start Saving 4+ Hours Per Week

How Does it Work? 🤔

  1. Take notes. Take out a sheet of paper. Draw an off centered “I” on the paper so it looks like this. This is where you’ll paraphrase your lecture, video or book. Keep your notes concise and don't make them too wordy. You can even draw pictures if that works best for you.

    Alt text to show if it does not display the image


  2. Questions. Once you’ve finished taking notes, start to formulate questions that summarize your notes. This can help you clarify the content and identify major themes, which will help you prepare for exams later.

  3. Recite. You should have a good set of notes and questions. Now, COVER the notes section and read the questions you formulated . Are you able to answer them out loud? Take note of any questions you’re not able to answer. This is an important part of taking notes because it helps you identify any areas you might need to review.

  4. Reflect. Once you’re able to answer all of the questions, reflect on what you’ve learned. Ask yourself, “how would I explain this topic to someone?” As you answer that question, write your answer in the summary section of your nursing notes page. This portion of the Cornell Method requires you to identify the most important piece of everything you’ve learned.

  5. Review. Spend at least 10 minutes every week reviewing your notes, this helps to keep the information fresh in your 🧠. Focus on the QUE column and the summary as these are the MOST IMPORTANT items and will most likely be on the test.

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