Frequently Asked Questions About SIMCLEX®

What is SIMCLEX®?

SIMCLEX® is the world's most accurate NCLEX® Simulator 🔥 

It's a computer adaptive testing software (CAT) NCLEX simulation. Our patented software is designed to create an adaptive testing setting which means that you never get the same test twice. In fact, no two users will ever get the same test . . . it literally adapts to you as you take the test. 

Not sure what a CAT exam is?

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How does SIMCLEX® work?

SIMCLEX® is 100% fully computer adaptive which means that the test responds to you - every question, every time. 

The exam increases and decreases in difficulty, based on how you're answering the questions, and will stop when it's 95% confident that you'll either Pass or Fail based on the passing standard. 


How many questions are on SIMCLEX®?

SIMCLEX® is designed like the NCLEX® so the number of questions on the test will vary from user to user, but you will get anywhere from 85 to the maximum 150 questions, depending on how well you are scoring. 
Other simulators just give you a max number of questions no matter what (that's not what the NCLEX does...🙄). Plus we put an actual time limit, so you can get a feel for the right tempo. 




Who writes your questions on SIMCLEX®?

Our 6,500+ NCLEX® practice questions are written and edited by NCSBN trained question writers. 

Why should you care about that? Because the NCSBN is the organization who administers the NCLEX®!
Who better to take practice questions from than question writers who are trained by the organization who writes the NCLEX®!

And, better yet...our NCLEX question database have been taken and vetted by tens of thousands of nurses all around the world. The more people who take SIMCLEX®, the smarter SIMCLEX® becomes. 🤓 

Will I be able to review my SIMCLEX® exams after I take it?

HECK YES. What good is taking a practice test if you don’t know what you did right and wrong? 
Every exam will give you a detailed analysis of all the questions you got right and wrong, what the correct answers were, and the rationales behind those questions.

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How accurate is SIMCLEX®? 

Our users often say that it feels EXACTLY like the NCLEX®! 
While we can’t predict your exact NCLEX® experience, our goal is to make sure that you pass NCLEX® and we do this by providing as accurate a simulation experience as possible. 


Do you guarantee I'll pass?

YES! In fact, we 200% guarantee that you'll pass the NCLEX®! 
We're not crazy (wellll....maybe some of us are 🤣) - we just really want you to pass the NCLEX®!

So, if you pass a SIMCLEX® but don’t pass the NCLEX®, we’ll give you a full refund…x2!

Check out our Money-Back Guarantee FAQ for answers and details about our 200% Money Back Guarantee!


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