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What is NextGen? 😖

Overcome your fear of NextGen (new N CLEX) by first understanding what it IS.

NextGen (also called NGN or Next Generation NCLEX) is causing A LOT of buzz and fear among nursing students, and we always fear what we don't understand.
So, let's break down this enigma to lessen the anxiety about what's coming so there will be no surprises.

NextGen is an improved version of the NCLEX® exam that is designed to better assess the critical thinking skills of nurses and help them make the right decisions when providing care.

Changes include 5 new N CLEX® question formats will be added in the exam and these changes will be implemented into NCLEX® starting April 2023.

These new question types are:

✔ Extended Multiple Response
✔ Extended Drag and Drop
✔ Cloze (drop down)
✔ Enhanced Hot Spot
✔ Matrix (grid)

  • 3 of the “new” NCLEX® question types already exist and the new format is just adjusting delivery (multiple response, drag and drop, hot spot)


You're not alone feeling afraid because of NextGen, but you CAN do this! 

Check out the YouTube Video below to hear what other students fear about NextGen and what they're doing to cope:

Don't let NextGen paralyze you with fear! ❤


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