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Frequently asked questions for those considering becoming a Critical Care Registered Nurse.

 What is the CCRN?

The CCRN Examination (Critical Care Registered Nurse) is a credentialing examination provided by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN).

This is a specific credentialing exam that demonstrates expertise and proficiency in the field of critical care. It is specific to critical care nurses, and requires a certain amount of hours to be completed, directly caring for patients in the ICU.

ICU and ED nurses are disciplines in nursing, and the CCRN proves proficiency/mastery in critical care nursing. In the emergency department, the CEN (Certification of Emergency Nursing) is the equivalent certification, which we do not provide review for.

Who can take the CCRN?

The CCRN examination is an exam given to those nurses with critical care experience, it’s required that you have 1,750 hours in the direct care of critically ill or acutely ill patients over the last two years.

How long should I study to pass the CCRN?

That really depends on how much information you have in your head, but I would look to study for two months prior to taking the exam.

The 1st month, we recommend concentrating on the content, so read the content of what you have to know - you can obtain that from the blueprint from aacn.org.
For the 2nd month, concentrate on questions and review rationales - just do 30 to 60 questions a day, if you can, for a month prior to taking the exam, and then you’d be sure to pass with flying colors.

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Does NURSING.com have resources to help with the CCRN?

We absolutely do! We've partnered with the lovely Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio RN, PhD to bring you a 10 hour CCRN® Review. 🙌

This Course is a comprehensive online CCRN review course for all nurses preparing to sit for the CCRN, CCRN-E, and CCRN-K exams.


Based on the most current test plan (2020), this Course covers in-depth overview of body systems and Professional Care topics, and all lessons are taught by the world's most sought after (and entertaining) CCRN reviewer Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio RN, PhD and delivered via the proven NURSING.com platform.

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What features come with the Course?

✔ 10 hours (57 lessons) of CCRN review videos
✔ 29 colorful PDF nursing cheatsheets
✔ 90 days unlimited access
✔ 100% online

How much is the Course?

The CCRN Course offered on NURSING.com by Laura would be $229.00 for 90 day access.

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How will I be able to access the Course?

Complete access is provided immediately upon purchase!

You can study from the comfort of your home (or mobile phone) on your schedule, so there's no need to attend an expensive review course or even travel!

With this fully digital review, success is literally in the palm of your hand. 😎

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