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I Can't Find My NCLEX Prep Resources (SIMCLEX, Comprehensive NCLEX Review e-book, NCLEX Study Plans)

Where are my NCLEX Prep resources located?

To view your NCLEX Prep resources, you can:

  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Scroll down just a bit to the section called "NCLEX Prep"
    1. If you're not seeing anything within that section, it means you need to un-collapse the section by clicking on the arrow on the far right
  3. Once that section is open, you'll be able to view and access those NCLEX Prep resources 🙌

Oops, something went wrong

I've un-collapsed that section, but I'm still not seeing SIMCLEX exams.

This could mean that you're on a subscription that does not give you access to SIMCLEX or our other NCLEX Prep resources.
For example, our current $39/month Monthly Plan, does not come with access to our NCLEX Prep resources.

If the picture below is what you see in your account, this would confirm that your account does not give you access to our NCLEX Prep section.


Oops, something went wrong

If you feel you should have access to SIMCLEX with your subscription type, please reach out to your Success Team at contact@nursing.com or click here!