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I Can't Find My NCLEX Prep Resources (SIMCLEX, Comprehensive NCLEX Review e-book, NCLEX Study Plans)

Where are my NCLEX Prep resources located?

To view your NCLEX Prep resources, you can click on the SIMCLEX® tab at the top of your menu bar.

From this page, you'll be able to:

  • Take a SIMCLEX┬« (or get more ­čśÄ)
  • Review your past SIMCLEX┬« exams
  • See your NCLEX Study Plans
  • See your Suggested Study Areas
  • Read your NCLEX e-books

I'm still not seeing SIMCLEX® exams.

This could mean that you're on a subscription that does not give you access to SIMCLEX® or our other NCLEX Prep resources.
For example, our 0 SIMCLEX® Monthly Plan, does not come with access to our NCLEX Prep resources.

If you feel you should have access to SIMCLEX® with your subscription type, please reach out to your Success Team at contact@nursing.com or click here!

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