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How Will NextGen Update Work?

Learn clear and concisely how the NextGen (new N CLEX) update works

Quick Facts ✔:

  • The minimum number of questions that a test taker can get is 85 and the maximum number of questions will be 150.
  • You will be given 3 case studies and each case study will ask you 6 questions about that case study, a total of 18 questions
  • Stand alone items (questions that are not within a case study and can be any of the new NGN question types) can range anywhere between 52-117 questions

Each NextGen question will be based on what the NCSBN is calling the "Cognitive Aspects of Clinical Decision Making", and you'll be asked one question PER cognitive aspect.

What are the Cognitive Aspects of Clinical Decision Making? 👇



Essentially, in the most simple terms, the Cognitive Aspects of Clinical Decision Making are a fancy way of referring to . . . .The Nursing Process! 😎

We know that you're familiar with that, so, if you understand the Nursing Process (assess, diagnose, plan, implement, evaluate) you'll do just fine on this updated version of the N CLEX!

But, if you're just a bit rusty, no worries - we have you covered! 👇
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