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How To Review Your NPQ (Nursing Practice Questions) Results

How Do I Review My Practice Questions Results?

After you take a practice quiz on NURSING.com, you'll get a detailed breakdown of all the questions you got as well as the correct answers and detailed rationales.

But where do you go from there? This guide will help! 🙌
(Make sure you have a piece of paper, so you can take notes about your results)

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To Review a Quiz:

  1. Once logged into your account, click on the "Practice Questions" tab at the top of your Menu barscreenshot-nursing.com-2022.04.19-07_59_35.png
  2. Select the "Past Quizzes" tabscreenshot-nursing.com-2022.04.19-08_01_42.png
  3. Choose the quiz that you're wanting to review and click "Reviewscreenshot-nursing.com-2022.04.19-08_03_28.png
Once logged into your account, click on the "Practice Questions" tab at the top of your Menu bar

If you got the question wrong...❌



  1. Before you look at the rationale, review the correct answer

    • Do you see what you did wrong?
    • Did you misread or misinterpret the question?
    • Did you miss a keyword?
    • Did you just not understand the topic?
    • Did you fall into a test-taking trap?
  2. Next, review the rationale

    • Make sure you understand why the right answer is right and why the wrong answers are wrong
    • Make note of the error you made or the misunderstanding you had
    • Make note of the Nursing Category
    • Make note of the topic and what body system is involved
    • Repeat with each question
  3. Review your overall results after taking at least 200 NPQ

    • Do you see any patterns?
    • Did you overthink on a lot of the questions?
    • Did you fall into the same test-taking trap repeatedly?
    • Are you missing key words in the questions?
  4. We recommend aiming for a score between 55-60% in each Category, so which Categories are you struggling with?

    • Is there a body system you’re consistently missing?
    • Do you seem to struggle with SATA or Prioritization questions?
    • Is your struggle specifically with Management of Care questions?
Unlock 6,500+ Practice Questions Now


If you got the question right...✔



  1. Read the rationale to solidify your knowledge

    • Make sure you got it right for the right reasons and not because you guessed
    • Once you understand what happened, MOVE ON. Don’t spend too much time on the questions you answered correctly.
  2. Focus on identified areas of weakness (categories scored less than 55-60%)

    • Review pertaining material related to the questions you missed
    • Take 25-50 NPQ in each of your 3-4 lowest Nursing Categories to improve your results in those categories

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