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How Does NURSING.com Work?

Is NURSING.com a school or nursing program?

NURSING.com is not a nursing program or university.

We're a supplemental online nursing resource designed to help nursing students get through their nursing program and pass the NCLEX with confidence. ❤

We provide you with clear and concise content so you can finally learn what you actually need to know.
Our average NURSING.com student saves 4.9 hours of study time per week and improves their lowest grade by a minimum of 11 points, but most importantly, they go from discouraged and stressed to motivated and passionate and that's what we want for YOU!

So...if you're looking for a resource to help you get through your nursing program, you should definitely sign up for our FREE trial so you can see how we can help you out. 😊


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Do I get tests every week or is this self-paced?

All of our resources can be found online at any time so you can go at your own pace as well as measure your own performance and abilities.

Does NURSING.com have tutoring or live online classes?

We don't offer any one-on-one tutoring or live classes - it would be more of a self study - however, our Educators do a fantastic job of delivering the information that it almost feels like a live session! 🙌

They provide you with the most important, need to know info and cut out all the fluff.
And they do the same thing with our Lesson Videos - they use whiteboards to draw pictures and include images to help you solidify that information in your mind.
That's why our videos are, on average, only 10-12 minutes long. 😁

But also, your Student Success Team is always here to help guide you if you have any questions at all!

Do I get books and questions mailed to me or how do I get the material?

All of our resources - content, practice questions, simulations - can be found online.

Once you create an account and login, you'll immediately have access to all of your tools and resources with a click of a button - you won't have to wait for books and resources to be mailed to you! 🤗


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