How Do I Request a 200% Money Back Guarantee?

Submitting 200% Money Back Guarantee Request to

To request a Money Back Guarantee, you'll need to submit the Money Back Guarantee Request form here within 60 days of having taken the NCLEX®.

Things to Keep In Mind:

  1. You MUST submit a screenshot of your official Candidate Performance Report (CPR) that the NCSBN sends after getting a Fail result
    1. Quick Results and Exam Appointment History Screenshots are not acceptable document types.
      1. Click here to see what a sample CPR document looks like 👀
    1. Screenshot must include:
      1. Name
      2. Date of NCLEX® exam
      3. Result of NCLEX® exam
    2. For your safety, if your social security number is showing and is not x'd out on your report already, please make sure to blur that out before you submit the document!
  1. The review for your Money Back Guarantee can take up to 30 business days to complete. If the correct documentation has been submitted, once your review is complete, we will contact you regarding your eligibility as well as how much you qualified for.
  2. Payments made prior to taking your NCLEX date are the only payments that could qualify for the Money Back Guarantee.
  3. Passing 1 SIMCLEX prior to taking your NCLEX is one of the eligibility requirements. If you delete your account through the App, this will delete all data including your SIMCLEX data which will make you ineligible for the 200% Money Back Guarantee. Please do NOT delete your account through the app if you're applying for the 200% Money Back Guarantee. 

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