Failed NCLEX®

Tips After Failing the NCLEX®

We're so so sorry to hear about your NCLEX® experience...😥
We know what a blow to morale that can be and we also know that you may be wondering if this path is for you...

We want to assure you that IT IS. You want to know how we know that...?

Because even though you didn't pass, you're HERE, looking for resources to help you get back up and try again. 
And that right there is sign of a nurses spirit: dedication, courage, resilience - all the attributes that make a great nurse. ❤

Not passing the NCLEX® does not define the kind of nurse you are at heart - there's so many factors that can play a role in not passing such as Test Anxiety which seems to be the biggest, most common reason. 

So, the first thing we need to is boost you up! 🙌

Check out these resources that can help with that:
  1. What I Learned Failing the NCLEX® 3 Times (RN . . . More Than an Abbreviation)
  2. Why Passing the NCLEX® in 75 Questions Doesn’t Matter

What Next?

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With your 3-day trial, you can review your CPR (Candidate Performance Report) that's sent to you by the NCSBN that tells you what aspects of the exam you fell below the passing standard on, and take practice questions on those specific NCLEX® Categories!


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Figuring out what happened in your exam is critical to knowing what your next steps are.

Do you struggle with test taking?

The Struggle: 

  • Do SATA questions send shivers down your spine?
  • Did you feel that you read into a lot of the questions?
  • Do you feel you struggle with prioritization?

The Solution:

Our Test Taking Course! This Course covers Test Taking Strategies to help you break down these tricky NCLEX style questions, but also gives you question practice!

Click here to test your SATA knowledge!

Was it a test anxiety struggle?

The Struggle:

 Did you feel you knew your stuff prior to taking the NCLEX, but then went completely blank during the exam?

The Solution:

Here are a few resources that will give you some great tips on how to cope with test anxiety:



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