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Is the app free to download?

Yes!!! Our app is 100% free to download. 🤩

 Download the App Here


After downloading the app, you'll be able to poke around and get a small glimpse of all the Courses/Lessons and resources that we offer through our app. 

And once you sign up for the subscription that fits you best, you'll get full access to the plan you signed up for AND you'll also have access to the desktop version with your subscription, too! 🤘

Nursing school is hard...we get it, we've been there, we're on your side and want to see you succeed!

You CAN do this!!! can help you pass your tests and improve your grades by providing a clear and concise way to understand key information so that you can go from discouraged and stressed to motivated and passionate. 

After taking Lesson Quizzes and engaging with multimodal content, students are 10x more likely to pass a test or improve a grade, AND the average student improves their lowest grade by 11.6%. 🔥

So....whatcha waiting for? 😉


Download the app and get started today! 

 Download the App Here


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