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Creating Quizzes on NURSING.com App

How to create and take practice questions on the NURSING.com app

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How To:

  1. Click on the NPQ tab at the bottom of your screen
  2. Quiz Type: Select from our Pre-Nursing question bank or our Student/NCLEX Prep question bank
  3. Quiz Length: How many questions would you like to take today?
  4. Nursing Categories: What kind of questions would you like to quiz over?
    1. TIP ⭐: You can select specific categories or just select them all 
  5. NCLEX Categories: Which NCLEX Categories would you like to quiz over?
  6. Question Type: What types of questions do you want to get practice on?
  7. Question Difficulty: Easy, Medium, or Hard?
  8. Question Mode: Do you want another shot on the questions you've gotten incorrect?
  9. Click Start Quiz! 🙌


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