Cheatsheets on App

Where are the cheatsheets located on the app?

There are 2 ways to find Cheatsheets on the App:

1.  In the Study Tools section within Lessons

2. By using the Study tab 

Cheatsheets in Lessons

If a Lesson has associated cheatsheets, you can view the cheatsheets under the Study Tools section.

A quick way to tell if a Lesson has cheatsheets, is to check out the Lesson preview which looks something like this: 👇


Once you find the Lesson you're looking for and, if it has a cheatsheet linked to it, just click the Study Tool dropdown option:


Cheatsheets in Study Tab

The other place you can look for cheatsheets is the Study Tab in your Menu bar. 

If you click that Study Tab and then click Study Tools, you'll be able to sift through all the cheatsheets. 🤗


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