Cheatsheet Not Received

I requested a cheatsheet on but never got it.

Our cheatsheets are set up on an automatic system, which means that as soon as you put in your e-mail address, the cheatsheet will be delivered quickly into your inbox! 😊


If this is NOT the case, there may be a couple of reasons why:

  1. Typo in your email address

    If you accidentally added an extra character or just omitted the "m" from ".com", your cheatsheet is not going to find you. To fix this, just request the cheatsheet again typing in your correct e-mail address.

  2. Depending on your email server, our email was filtered into your Spam/Junk/All Mail folder

    So, check your Junk/Spam/All Mail folder or try typing in "Jon Haws" which should pull the cheatsheet up.

👇 Here's what the e-mail will look like when it comes in 👇Alt text to show if it does not display the image

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