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Changing Plans

How Can I Switch To a Different NURSING.com Plan? 🤔

To change plans, you'll need to first cancel your existing plan first, so you aren't charged for 2 subscriptions. 

We recommend waiting until your current subscription expires before signing up for another subscription to avoid overlap of access.

How To:

  1. Log into your NURSING.com Account - click here!
  2. Go to your "Subscriptions" tab - or click HERE
  3. Scroll down, select the subscription you're not needing anymore, and click "Cancel"
    1. To verify your account is canceled, you should receive a Cancellation Confirmation email, but you can also see the image below as reference as to what your canceled account should like.
    2. Oops, something went wrong
  4. Depending on when your billing cycle ends, click here to pick your new plan! 🎉

Do my previous payments get prorated?

There is no upgrading, downgrading, or prorating. Any payments made on previous subscriptions cannot be retroactively applied to another subscription. 

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