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Can I Use NURSING.com as an International Nurse?

Can NURSING.com help me if I'm an international student?

All of our materials were created by United States based nurses with the US NCLEX® Exam in mind.
However, we've had many international students use our resources to help understand concepts and test their knowledge with our content and our 6,000+ practice questions.
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The biggest differences that you're likely to see between the US and other countries are listed below:
  • Drug Brand Names (although generic names should be the same) 💊
  • Legal Considerations (which, in this case, are US specific) ⚖️
  • Lab Values (different units) 🩸

As a quick example, here's a screenshot of one of our cheatsheets which shows a few differences between US and International Lab Values:

Alt text to show if it does not display the image


And, lastly, here's a review by one of our Nursing Family members that used NURSING.com to pass the Canadian NCLEX®!

Alt text to show if it does not display the image
P.S. Our trial will give you FULL access to explore all of our content and questions!
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